24/7 MEDICASE Pill Box – Black


Danish design week pill box with a polished black base and matte finish black lid. A very elegant pill box in perfect interaction with function and aesthetics.

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Suitable for small to medium pill dosages. Please view pill dispenser size on product photos with measurements.

With the pillbox lid open, all dispensers and their compartments can immediately be viewed to verify that pills have been taken as planned.

The 24/7 MEDICASE pillbox has 7 dispensing boxes – one for each day of the week. The dispensers are divided into 4 fixed size compartments to allow for up to 4 doses per day.

Further information can be found in our product specifications.

Please see shipment cost here and an overall description here.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 14.4 × 12.9 × 2.6 cm

English, German, Danish


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