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Covid 19

At this very moment, people all over the world are fighting Coronavirus. We all live under new conditions and our lives are suddenly completely changed. New countries “shut down” and other countries try to re-open. For each individual it means a new everyday life. Can we leave the house, go to work, meet friends and …

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Decoration of Pill Box

Hello Girls and Boys You can make your very own extra nice pill box for your medicine with some nice drawings that you draw yourself with waterproof ink colors. You can also write your name on the pill box so everyone knows that this super box is yours. You probably have lots of good ideas …

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We wish you a Happy New Year. It was with great pleasure and excitement that we mid-May 2018 presented our new 24/7 MEDICASE pill box. Prior to launch, there were many months of thorough preparation with design, development of tools, production, etc. It is a very special experience to make a product based on your …

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New Gray White Pill Box Open Closed

New Pill Box in Sale Now

We are very pleased to present our pill box in a new design. The 24/7 MEDICASE has been developed and designed based on our customers’ and our own experiences, as users of pillboxes. These criteria’s and design ideas were input to an inspiring collaboration with industrial designer Rasmus Thygesen. Product Development of the Pill Box …

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byHALL Exhibition Fotos

   We are ready. Welcome to our exhibition stand. Our new 24/7 MEDICASE pillbox presented at the Bella Center Visit by our Industrial Designer Rasmus Thygesen Lars Hall Friis Farsøe visiting 24/7 MEDICASE pillbox colour collection at the counter

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