Pill Box Size

We are many who take medicine daily. In doing so, we share the benefits of using a pill box, both in terms of storing the medicine and remembering to take it in the right doses, at the right times.

24/7 Medicase Pill Box with Measurements


It is very individual how small or how large our need for medicine is. When choosing a pill box, its size should, of course, match the amount of medication that the dosage boxes should be able to hold.

It is also very different how we fill the pill box. If the medicine is taken; e.g. 4 times daily, then the 24/7 MEDICASE box can hold pills for a week in total. One dispenser (dosage box) for one day.

If the medicine is taken; e.g. twice daily, then the 24/7 MEDICASE pill box can hold pills for 2 weeks in total. A dosage box can then be used for 2 days.

We refer to the 24/7 MEDICASE as "small to medium size" pill box. There are pill boxes on the market that are both smaller and larger. We hope that photos and drawings will provide guidance related to size and use of 24/7 MEDICASE dosage boxes.

See more in the ”Product Description”. Please feel free to contact us for further guidance and information.