Medicase recycling

With our quality pill box we want to offer a long-lasting solid product that can be used daily for the benefit of the individual user.

Plastic is a good, practical material and absolutely vital in the health sector for healthcare products including pill boxes.

For 24/7 MEDICASE we have chosen appropriate plastic types that make the box parts both extra solid and durable for use over a long period of time. In addition, the used plastic materials are very hygienic and easy to clean.

It is possible to recycle the materials when the product's lifetime is over. It gives a good balance between consumption and joy of the individual product both now and in the future.

In Denmark and many other countries, there is an extraordinary focus on plastic recycling possibilities in these years. The interest and production of both useful and creative products produced by recycled plastic is therefore increasing. The results are for the benefit of both the climate and us as consumers. The 24/7 MEDICASE pill box is included in this life cycle, as the boxes can be granulated and reused for new products.